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On SatrixNOW, ETFs are traded through Buys and Sells. If you wish to switch holdings in one Satrix ETF to another Satrix ETF, you simply sell your current holdings and buy the new ETF. 

To sell a holding, login and select "Sell" from the dropdown menu on the left. You will see displayed all of your holdings available for you to sell (remember to ensure you are in your correct account, standard SatrixNOW or TFSA).  

Select the ETF you wish to sell. You can specify either a Rand value or a percentage that you wish to sell. All transaction costs associated to the sale will be clearly displayed. 

Once you have confirmed the sale, the funds will be immediately available for you to invest in a different Satrix security. 

Select "Invest Now" on the top menu and choose the Satrix security you wish to invest in. If you are making a lump sum investment, specify the amount and then select "once off". All transaction costs associated to the investment will be clearly displayed. 

If you wish to make changes to a recurring investment, see this FAQ for details.

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