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While registering you may notice a field that asks you to identify if you are a Foreign Prominent Public Official or a Domestic Prominent Influential Persons. If you’re not entirely sure what these terms mean, we’ve unpacked the definitions for you below. 

 We need this information from you to help us assess your annual Source of Funds Value.

 The below definitions are as per the Financial Intelligence Centre Act of 2001. If you fall into any of the three below categories, please select “Yes” in the box at the bottom of the Personal Details page of your registration.  

Foreign Prominent Public Official
 A foreign prominent public official incudes persons who hold or have held, at any time in the preceding 12 months, in any foreign country, a prominent public function which includes:

  • Head of State or head of a country or government.
  • Member of a foreign royal family.
  • Government minister or equivalent senior politician or leader of a political party.
  • Senior judicial official.
  • Senior executive of a state-owned corporation; or
  • High-ranking member of the military.

Domestic Prominent Influential Persons
 A domestic prominent influential person is an individual who holds, including in an acting position, for a period exceeding six months, or has held at any time in the preceding 12 months, a list of positions includes:

  • A prominent public function, this includes the function of President, Minister, Premier and others.
  • A top position in a company dealing with an organ of state where a company provides goods and/or services to an organ of state with a transactional value more than an amount determined by notice in the Government Gazette.
  • Heads of international organisations.
  • A person who holds the position of head, or another executive directly accountable to that head, of an international organisation based in South Africa.

Family members and known close associates
Close associates are individuals who are closely connected to a prominent person, either socially or professionally. Immediate family members for these purposes include the following:

  • The spouse, civil partner, or life partner.
  • The previous spouse, civil partner, or life partner, if applicable.
  • The children and stepchildren and their spouse, civil partner, or life partner.
  • The parents; and
  • The siblings and stepsiblings and their spouse, civil partner, or life partner.

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