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The person authorised to open the account on behalf of the Trust, must complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and then email the documents listed below to our New Accounts department at 

The documents will be checked against the application form, and if in order, you will be sent a welcome email with all the account details. If not, you will be provided with guidance as to how to complete the process.
Of critical importance to the successful registration of your trust is the accurate completion of the Founder/Settlor, Trustee and Beneficiary details of the trust in the Trust Ownership form below. 

PLEASE NOTE: Accounts for Legal Entities are currently only available to South-African entities. 

Information neededAcceptable verification documents 

All documents should be emailed to

Documents required for the Trust

  • Completed Application form
  • Completed Trust Ownership form
  • Certified copy of the trust deed or other founding document (e.g. will for a Testamentary / Will Trust)
  • Certified copy of a Letter of Authority from the Master of the High Court (SA trust).
  • For a foreign trust, an official document reflecting name, number and trustees
Please submit the Trustee’s resolution together with the following 2 documents for each Trustee listed therein;
  • Certified copy of the green bar-coded identity document or passport (if foreigner); and
  • Residential address and contact particulars
  • Proof of bank account of the Trust in the form of either:
    • Copy of bank statement confirming bank details of the Trust (less than three months old); or alternatively
    • An official signed letter from the bank, on a bank letterhead listing full details of the Trust bank account
Please note: It is essential that the name of the bank account be in the name of the Trust.
  • Copy of official SARS document showing the Trust name and Income Tax number.
  • Dividends Tax Exemption Form - completed and signed by the Authorised User.

Documents / details required for each type of:

  • Founder
  • Tustee
  • Beneficiary
  •  If an individual
    • a certified copy of green bar-coded identity document or passport (if foreigner)
    • details of residential address; and
    • contact particulars
  • If a South African company
    • a certified copy of the CoR14.3 (previously CM1 form);
    • CoR21.1 (previously CM22 form);
    • original or certified copy of the letterhead of the company reflecting its trade name;
    • original or certified proof of physical address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement); and
    • contact particulars of the company
  • If a foreign company
    • certified copies of the official incorporation documents bearing the name, incorporation number and incorporation address; and
    • contact particulars of the foreign company
  • If a close corporation
    • a certified copy of most recent CK1 and CK2 (if applicable);
    • original or certified copy of the letterhead of the close corporation reflecting its trade name and proof of the close corporation's physical business address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement); and
    • contact particulars of the CC


  • If other legal entity
    • a certified copy of the constitution or other founding document;
    • proof of address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, telephone account); and
    • contact particulars of other legal entity
  • If a trust
    • a certified copy of the letters of authority (or similar authorisation for foreign trust);
    • a certified copy of the trust deed; and
    • contact particulars of the trust
  • If a partnership
    • a certified copy of the partnership agreement; and
    • contact particulars of the partnership

Where the founder or a trustee has died or no longer exists
  •  Provide documentary proof thereof in the form of:
    • Death certificate
    • Deregistration certificate
    • Liquidation order

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