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Platform Fees:

SatrixNOW charges a platform administration fee according to the size of your ETF investment portfolio as follows:

Total ETF Investments

Platform administration fee (ex VAT per annum)

First R500 000


Next R500 000


Above R1 000 000


This platform fee is only applicable to client accounts registered on SatrixNOW from 1 September 2019. Platform fees will be calculated daily, but deducted quarterly.

The calculation is done on a sliding scale, best illustrated by examples.

Example 1

You have a total of R25 000 invested in Satrix ETFs. Your platform fee will be 0.50% ex VAT per annum.

R25 000 x 0.5% = R125 per annum (or R31.25 per quarter)

Example 2

You have a total of R750 000 invested in Satrix ETFs.

On the first R500 000 of your investment, your platform fee will be 0.50% ex VAT per annum. The next R250 000 will be calculated at 0.40% ex VAT per annum.

R500 000 x 0.50% = R2 500

R250 000 x 0.40% = R1 000

Total platform fee = R3 500 per annum (or R875 per quarter)

Your effective fee can be calculated as: R3 500 / R750 000 = 0.467% ex VAT per annum

Transaction fees:

There are also unavoidable transaction fees charged when you buy and sell ETF securities and these will always be charged no matter where you choose to transact. View detailed Cost Profile here

Just one of the things that differentiates SatrixNOW from other platforms is the low transaction fees. To make sure your returns are maximised, we'll keep innovating to keep those fees as low as possible. Before you complete a specific transaction, we will provide you with a detailed description of the fees that will be charged against the transaction.

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