Yes you can. 

But it is very important to point out that SatrixNOW only offers Satrix issued ETFs (currently 13 different instruments at 19/04/2018) on the platform. 

As a result of this, you can only transfer these Satrix instruments from another broker to SatrixNOW. Ie. If you hold non-Satrix ETF instruments issued by other ETF issuers, you will NOT be able to transfer these to your SatrixNOW account.


Satrix Investment Plan is an entirely different platform to SatrixNOW. IF you would prefer managing your Satrix ETF's on SatrixNOW, you can transfer them by following the simple process below.

1. Follow the instructions in the SatrixNOW Transfer Process document (HYPERLINK) which outlines how to complete the CSDPTransferForm (below), as well as highlighting particular things to take note of and timeframes to expect for the completion of the transfer.

   A couple of important things to note are:

    - Cash cannot be transferred from one Investment account to another and will be paid out to your bank

    - AOS charge R172 (incl. VAT) for the transfer

    - If insufficient free cash in account to cover fees, Satrix will liquidate a holding / position in order to cover those fees.

    - Tax-free securities can NOT be transferred and ETF's cannot be transferred into a SatrixNOW TFSA account. They can only go to the Investment account. (for distinction, please read this article - SatrixNOW Investment vs TFSA account )

2. Complete this SatrixNOW_CSDPTransferForm.pdf document (HYPERLINK), sign it and scan it

3. Email the signed CSDPTransferForm to so that they can initiate the transfer process and cc in as well as so that they are aware that the process has been initiated.


If you hold any of the above-listed Satrix ETF's with another broker, you can transfer them into the Investment account of your SatrixNOW account by completing the following process:

1. Request a portfolio / share transfer form from your current broker, complete it and submit it to them under their process and request them to initiate the transfer.This is the Transfer out leg of the transfer.

2. Complete this SatrixNOW_PortfolioTransferForm.pdf document (HYPERLINK), sign it and scan it.

3. Email the signed document to as well as so that both parties are aware that the process has been initiated. This is the Transfer In leg of the transfer.