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Your UserID is the unique number that identifies your SatrixNOW client account from others. The number is a 5 digit number and always starts with an SX. (i.e. SX51433)

To enable us to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible, you should always have your unique UserID at hand whenever you call our Client Services Department.

Account Numbers

Each unique SatrixNOW client account has two different accounts, each identified by their name and a unique Account Number, examples of which are listed below:

1. SatrixNOW - SX51433 - 23394 SatrixNOW Standard Account. This account holds your investments in Satrix ETF's of your choosing.

2. TFSA - SX51433 - 23395 Tax Free Savings Account. This account is specifically for your Tax-free Investments. There are certain limitations as to the use of the TFSA so make sure you understand them before you start investing.

Once logged in, these different accounts are always accessible via the dropdown menu just below the SatrixNOW logo in the top left corner of the screen.


When making an EFT deposit you need to ensure that you identify which account you would like the money to be paid into and you need to reference the payment correctly so that we can allocate your funds efficiently. Full details of how to do that can be found in our Deposit FAQ section.

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