Satrix Investment Plan Clients FAQs

Can I Still Invest in a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) Through SatrixNOW as a Satrix Investment Plan Client?

Yes, upon migrating to SatrixNOW, you retain the ability to invest in a TFSA. The platform allows for easy management of both standard accounts and TFSAs. You can view holdings separately, easily transfer funds to your TFSA, and track your remaining annual contribution limits.

How do I set up a Recurring Investment on SatrixNOW?

If you wish to switch between Satrix ETFs:

  • Log into SatrixNOW and select Sell from the dropdown menu.

  • Choose the ETF holdings you want to sell (ensure you're in the correct account - standard or TFSA).

  • Specify the amount or percentage you wish to sell - we display the transaction cost on the page as well.

  • After confirming the sale, reinvest immediately by selecting Invest Now, choosing the desired Satrix security, and specifying the amount for reinvestment.

How Can I Perform an Inter-account Transfer Between My Standard and TFSA on SatrixNOW as a Migrated Satrix Investment Plan Client?

SatrixNOW facilitates inter-account transfers effortlessly. Once migrated, you can transfer cash from your standard account to your TFSA easily using the platform's transfer function.

Will I Receive Reminders of My Remaining TFSA Contribution Limit on SatrixNOW After Migrating from the Satrix Investment Plan?

Yes, SatrixNOW sends out reminders about remaining TFSA contribution limits before the end of the current tax year. This feature aids in managing your investments within the annual limits set by regulatory authorities. You can also access this information via the 'Deposits' page.

Are There Transaction Costs Associated with Selling and Buying Satrix Securities on SatrixNOW for Migrated Satrix Investment Plan Clients?

Yes, all transaction costs associated with selling or buying Satrix Securities will be transparently displayed on the platform. These costs are visible before confirming any transaction, ensuring clarity throughout the investment process.

How Do I Manage Recurring Investments or Modify a Recurring Investment Plan on SatrixNOW as a Migrated Satrix Investment Plan Client?

To make changes to a recurring investment plan:

  • Log into your SatrixNOW account and select the Recurring option.

  • Edit your recurring investments as necessary, ensuring you're using a verified bank account for these modifications.

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