SatrixNOW Costs and Fees

What Fees Does SatrixNOW Charge for Using its Platform?

SatrixNOW charges a platform administration fee based on your ETF investment portfolio's size. The fee structure is as follows:

  • First R500,000: 0.50% per annum

  • Next R500,000: 0.40% per annum

  • Above R1,000,000: 0.30% per annum

Platform fees are calculated daily, but deducted quarterly.

Are There Transaction Fees When Buying or Selling ETF Securities on SatrixNOW?

Yes, there are unavoidable transaction fees for buying and selling ETF securities. These fees vary and will be detailed before completing a transaction.

What Are the Costs Associated with Buying Products on SatrixNOW?

The annual platform administration fees are detailed in the provided cost profile. There are no minimum investment requirements.

What is the Electronic Settlement Fee (STRATE) Charged by SatrixNOW?

SatrixNOW charges a flat fee of 0.075% of the transaction value, in place of the full STRATE fee, to reduce transaction costs for clients.

What is the Effective Annual Cost (EAC) and How is it Calculated?

The EAC, expressed as a percentage of your investment amount, encompasses Investment Management, Advice, Administration, and Other charges. The calculator on the Satrix website helps compute these charges for different investment periods.

How Are Platform Administration Fees Recovered on SatrixNOW?

Platform administration fees accrue daily, but are recovered quarterly. They can be deducted from ETF distributions or through the sale of ETF securities if necessary.

When Does SatrixNOW Deduct Platform Fees from ETF Distributions?

For ETFs that distribute dividends, fees accrued are deducted from the distribution payment. Any remaining balance is either paid out as available cash or reinvested in the ETF.

Under What Circumstances Are Securities Sold to Recover Platform Fees?

Securities are sold to recover fees if the distribution amount is insufficient or if the fund is non-distributing. Normal transaction costs apply in such cases.

How Are Platform Fees Deducted Upon the Sale of Securities?

When a security is sold, the proportionate fee accrued for that instrument is deducted from the sale proceeds.

This comprehensive FAQ aims to provide clarity regarding fees associated with using SatrixNOW for investing. If you need further information, please refer to the detailed cost profile available on our website.

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