Investing on SatrixNOW FAQs

Investing on SatrixNOW

What Are Satrix Securities?

Satrix securities are listed securities designed to mirror the performance of specific indices. They offer similar returns as directly investing in constituent shares of an index. They provide a cost-efficient way to gain exposure to a basket of shares via a single trade, available for buying and selling during JSE trading hours.

Which Satrix Product Should I Choose?

Satrix doesn't provide financial advice. You can seek guidance from an authorised financial adviser or explore the Satrix product information available on our website.

The Satrix Access Range includes four flagship funds covering local and global market access, as well as a money market fund. For those who just want equity exposure, this range includes a multi-asset fund which invests in equities, bonds, property and cash. This is a great place to beging your investment journey.

What Are the Risks Associated with Satrix Securities?

Investing in one share can be very risky. Spreading an investment portfolio over several shares can reduce this risk. Satrix securities offer investors this diversification without the associated additional costs of buying shares in several companies.

Markets are volatile and one is not guaranteed to get back the initial amount invested when you do decide to sell. Equity investing is high risk and should be a long-term endeavour, with a minimum investment term of 5 to 7 years.

How Does My Investment Grow with Satrix Securities?

Any index value increase leads to capital growth for the respective Satrix security. Dividends are either distributed to investors or reinvested, boosting portfolio growth. SatrixNOW allows setting distribution preferences.

What's the Relationship Between SatrixNOW and EasyEquities?

SatrixNOW is the Satrix investment platform powered by EasyEquities. EasyEquities is part of the Purple Group Ltd., listed on JSE.

What Determines the Price of a Satrix Security?

Satrix security prices fluctuate in line with relevant index movements. The prices are quoted on the SatrixNOW website throughout the JSE trading day.

Are SatrixNOW Trades Executed on the JSE? When and How Long Do They Take to Settle?

Yes, whole ETF securities are executed on the JSE and settle T+3 (trading day + 3 working days). Fractional shares involve CFD (Contract for Difference) transactions with First World Trader.

Is There an Expiry or Maturity Date for Satrix Securities?

No, Satrix securities don’t have an expiry date and can be held indefinitely.

If the Index Changes, Does the Basket of Shares Tracked by the Satrix Security Change?

Index changes follow specified methodologies by index providers. Satrix replicates these changes to mirror the tracked index.

How Do I Benefit from Fractional Share Rights (FSRs) on SatrixNOW?

FSRs enable partial investments in ETFs when funds don't cover a whole share. This lets you enjoy proportional economic benefits without owning the whole security.


Can I Buy a Voucher on SatrixNOW?

Yes. A SatrixNOW investment voucher is a thoughtful gift choice. Vouchers can be bought via the platform, or directly from our provider, Voucher Cart, in various denominations to suit any budget and occasion.

How Do I Buy a Voucher on SatrixNOW?

To buy or send a voucher, you do not need a SatrixNOW account.

If you have an account, log into your SatrixNOW account, click on the Voucher tab and select “Send a voucher”.

If you do not have an account, visit

How Do I Redeem a SatrixNOW Voucher?

To redeem a SatrixNOW voucher, you would need to have a SatrixNOW account. If you do not have an account yet, sign up for an account at here, and complete your profile details.

  • Once account is FICA verified (automated, provided info is accurate to account holder), you must select stacked menu to see the dropdown.

  • Under the 'My Vouchers' section find and select 'Redeem a Voucher'.

  • Copy and paste voucher code(s) in empty field with the green border.

  • Click the 'Redeem' button.

The funds will be credited to account, which you can invest in our range of exchange traded funds and unit trusts.

How Do SatrixNOW Vouchers Work?

SatrixNOW investment vouchers are only redeemable via SatrixNOW, vouchers are available in South African rand and valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.


  • You can purchase vouchers using credit or debit card only.

  • The credit card charge, payable directly to payment provider, is R1.60 + 2.3% of the voucher rand value.


  • To redeem a voucher, you must have a SatrixNOW account and have accepted the Terms and Conditions of use.

  • The voucher must be redeemed at the full value stated on the voucher and cannot be redeemed, returned for, refunded in cash, or exchanged.

  • Once redeemed, the voucher is locked 3 years from the date of redemption.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash, returned for a cash refund, or exchanged and will not be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen, copied, destroyed or used without permission.

  • SatrixNOW investment vouchers must be redeemed at the full value stated on the voucher.

  • Once redeemed, vouchers are locked 3 years from the date of redemption.

  • What costs do I pay when purchasing a voucher?

The credit card charge only, payable directly to 3rd party payment gateway provider, is R1.60 + 2.3% of the voucher rand value.

Transacting on SatrixNOW

How Can I Make My First Investment on SatrixNOW?

  • Log into your account.

  • Click on Invest Now and choose the right account.

  • Filter or search for your desired instrument.

  • Select an investment amount or enter your own.

  • Choose between recurring or once-off investment.

  • Confirm transaction details and proceed to invest.

Can I Transfer Satrix ETFs from Another Broker to SatrixNOW?

Yes, you can transfer Satrix instruments from another broker to SatrixNOW. SatrixNOW only offers Satrix issued ETFs.

Transferring your portfolio from your existing broker to SatrixNOW can be done by following these easy steps:

  1. Visit and register an account. You will be issued with a SatrixNOW User ID which starts with SX.

  2. Complete the online form here to start the process.

  3. We'll send you an email with any forms you may need to complete for your transfer based on your transfer type.

  4. Please insert your 5/6 digit SatrixNOW User ID as the reference on the transfer form.

  5. Remember to choose between transferring your entire portfolio, or only certain shares (in which case list those shares in the table on page 2).

  6. Send the Share Portfolio Instruction form to your existing broker and request that they action the share and cash transfer.

  7. Send a copy of the Share Portfolio Instruction form and your latest portfolio statement to We need a historic portfolio statement to assign a base cost to the shares that are transferred. Without this information, the base cost of your shares will be set at zero.

  8. Please note there are costs associated with transferring your portfolio. Kindly refer to the cot profile for more information.

Satrix has no control over the transfer process until your existing broker has transferred your shares and cash. Please ensure you follow up with your existing broker regarding the status of your transfer request. As soon as we receive the shares and cash we will allocate them to your SatrixNOW account

If you have questions related to your transfer please send an email to

Are There Specific Trading Times on SatrixNOW?

Trading hours are 09h30 am to 16h40 pm Monday to Friday. No trades are executed outside these hours, but you can place buy instructions for when the markets open.

When Should I Call SatrixNOW's Trading Desk?

Call the Trading Desk during business hours if you need live ETF prices or if you're facing system limitations while trading. Please note that all telephone trades carry a cost.

How Do I View Live Prices Using SatrixCredits?

Purchase SatrixCredits to access live ETF prices. Navigate to 'SatrixCredits' in your account menu to make a purchase and view live prices.

How Do I Cancel a Purchase or Sale Order on SatrixNOW Once Submitted?

Once you've clicked Place Trade Now, orders cannot be cancelled. It is crucial to review all details of your buy or sell order before submitting the instruction.

How Do I Access My SatrixNOW Transaction History Report?

You can download and view your transaction history within a specified time period by accessing the Transaction History page.

How Do I Change My Bank Details on SatrixNOW?

To change your banking details or add an additional bank account:

  • Navigate to your profile at the top right of your screen

  • Select My Profile and click on the Bank Info Tab

  • Select the Bank Account you would like to edit

  • If you'd like to add a new set of banking details, select Add Account.

  • Note: You can only load two bank accounts per SatrixNOW account.

Once loaded, your bank details will go through our automated verification process which can take up to 48 hours to complete. Please ensure your new banking details are in the name of the SatrixNOW account holder. We do not verify bank details in the name of a third party. Please note, on new accounts, you must have funded your account OR set up a debit order before the account will go through the automated verification process.

Please Note:
African Bank accounts are not AVSR-supported (this is an automated verification service) on the platform and cannot be verified. If you had an existing debit order and change banking details, you would need to set up a new debit order with your new banking details.

What Do I Do If My New Banking Details Are Still Not Verified?

If you captured new banking details on the system, and they remain unverified, please log a support ticket and we will conduct a manual verification process for you.

Navigating SatrixNOW

How Do I Receive Paper Copies of Equity/Share Documents on SatrixNOW?

All communications and confirmations are electronically maintained. However, you may print tax certificates or request paper versions to be mailed for these specific documents.

How Do I Get Proceeds From a Satrix ETF Sent to My Credit/Debit Card?

Proceeds from share sales can't be transferred to cards. Withdrawals are processed exclusively to your verified bank account.

How Do I Access My SatrixNOW Statements?

You can download tax certificates from the Statements page. Choose Tax Certificates or Monthly Statements and select the relevant account for download.

How Do I Differentiate Between Value View and Share View on the SatrixNOW Account Overview?

To view the financial figures on your investments, choose the Value view. For details like purchase price, delayed share price, and profit/loss percentage, opt for the Share view.

Login Issues on SatrixNOW

How Do I Reset My SatrixNOW Password If Forgotten?

If you've forgotten your password, use the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. Enter your username (not email) and follow the steps sent to your registered email.

Please check your spam/junk folder or any other email addresses you may have.

If you believe you may have incorrectly entered your email address at signup or if you are unsure if you've used the correct username, log a support ticket here

How Do I Request My Username If Forgotten?

Click 'Forgot Username' on the login page, and enter your email and birth date. Your username will be sent to the registered email address.

How Can I Find My SatrixNOW Username or Change It?

Your username is in the welcome email sent upon registration. If forgotten, use "Forgot Username" on the login page or contact support for assistance or changes.

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