Provided the correct FICA documentation is provided, a SatrixNOW account can be opened for the category "Other Legal Persons".

The category "Other legal persons" includes informal associations, Eg. Stokvels, churches, burial societies, schools, savings clubs, etc. for which the number of members must be at least 2.

The required FICA documents are detailed in the table below.

Information needed Acceptable verification documents 

All documents should be emailed to

Documents required for Other legal persons (Eg. Stokvels, churches, burial societies, schools, savings clubs etc.)

  • Completed Application form - HYPERLINK
  • A signed constitution or other founding document under which the entity is created.
  • Members resolution / authority to act ( HYPERLINK ), signed by all members and nominating one signatory / representative
  • Proof of registered address or operating address of the entity (less than 3 months old)
  • Proof of bank account of the entity in the form of either:
    • Copy of bank statement confirming bank details of the entity (less than three months old); or alternatively
    • An official signed letter from the bank, on a bank letterhead listing full details of the entity bank account

Documents / details required for all:

  • Persons authorised to act
  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of Physical Residential address
  • Contact details

Please note: For guidance on what documents are acceptable for Proof of identification and Proof of Address, please refer to the related FAQ article SatrixNOW FICA Documents Individuals