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What price will I receive when I buy/sell SatrixNOW ETFs?

Prices displayed on the website or the SatrixNOW platform are 15-minute delayed prices or may be the previous day’s closing price for that security as quoted by the recognized exchange.  


A 15-minute delayed price is displayed (unless a price update is requested) but your order will always take place at the live market price.

Your trades in securities will be executed at the prevailing market price, quoted by the relevant recognised exchange for that security, at the time we execute your trade as reflected in the Invoice (“Execution Price”) you will receive after your trade is confirmed. 

The execution price may be different to the quoted price, depending on how the security’s market price has moved during the course of the market day. We do not give any guarantee that the execution price will be at or near the quoted price. 

Can I view live prices on the SatrixNOW platform?

You can view live prices on the SatrixNOW platform by using SatrixCredits. This will allow you to see a snapshot of the live price before you buy/ sell a security. You can purchase SatrixCredits directly from the platform. Here is a guide on SatrixCredits.

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