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How do I redeem a SatrixNOW voucher?

In order to best help you redeem your SatrixNOW voucher, it is important to first establish if: 

1. You are someone who has received a voucher BUT has not yet opened an account 


2. You are an existing client who already has a registered SatrixNOW account with us. 

If you DO NOT yet have a registered account with us, please: 

1. Go directly to our registration page, by clicking on this link - 

2. Complete the registration process 

3. Fall into the process below. 

If you are ALREADY a SatrixNOW client, please: 

1. Login to your SatrixNOW account. 

2. Go directly to our voucher redemption page at this link


Click on the stack menu button on the top left of your screen, then select the Redeem Voucher option under the My Vouchers heading. 

3. Scroll down the page to just below the 2 large 'Redeem your voucher' and 'Send a voucher' images, until you see the 'Let's get going' text with the textbox below. 

4. Enter your voucher code into the cell and click on the submit button. 


Please ensure that you do not enter any spaces whatsoever in your voucher code when entering it into the cell. Ie. NO spaces before or after the number string, and no spaces in between any of the numbers.

5. If successful, the amount of your voucher should show in your Available funds and be ready for you to start investing with.

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