When selling your investment, the proceeds of this sale are classified as Unsettled Cash for a period of 5 business days until they are deemed as settled (“Settlement Period”).

Only once they have settled can you withdraw them to your bank account. However, if you make use of our Early Settlement feature you can speed up this waiting period.


Early settlements do not override lock up periods. For more info on lock up periods please refer to this article.

Using this feature carries an additional cost of 0.2% of the value which is being settled early.

Once applied, this feature will allow funds to be released into your bank account either:

1. That evening; if the submission is made before 12h00 (mid-day) on a business day.

2. The evening of the following business day; if the submission is made after 12h00 on the preceding business day.


You need R4,000 today (Tuesday).

You already have R1,000 sitting in available funds, so you sell R3,000 worth of shares at 09h00 on the Tuesday morning.

Under normal settlement rules, the funds would only be available to withdraw the following Tuesday.

If you opt for early settlement and make the request before 12h00 on the Tuesday, you would pay R6 (0.002 x R3,000) and the funds would be in your bank account on Tuesday evening.

Please note:

1. The examples above refer specifically to business days. Submissions made on weekends / public holidays will only be processed on the next business day.

2. Funds from early settlement submissions made after 12h00 on a Friday, will only clear on Monday evening

How do I request an early settlement?

There are two steps to fully processing an early settlement. The first is to sell out of your investments and request the early settlement. The second is to withdraw the funds that are then made available to you early.

Sell and request early settlement

1. Sell investments

2. Proceed to the Withdrawal page by clicking on Menu, and under the My Funds section click on Withdrawal.

3. In the Available for withdraw section you'll notice an unsettled cash amount. If this is zero, there is no need to settle any of the transactions as no amounts are being withheld. This will be the case if you have recently bought more than you sold, in which case your Unsettled cash balance will be zero.

4. If there is a balance under Unsettled Cash, then scroll down to the list of unsettled transactions.

5. You will see both unsettled Buys and Sells, but only the Sell transactions have the option to be settled early. Select only the Sell transaction/s where the amounts of the “Unsettled Cash After Fee” will together cover the balance of the Unsettled Cash. (for example if the Unsettled Cash Balance is R100 and in the list there are 2 Sell transactions that can be selected each for R100, then only select one to get the Unsettled Cash balance to zero, selecting the second one will not make any more funds available to you but you will still be charged the Early Settlement Fee for it)

6. Select which of the transactions you want to settle early and check the tick box "Settle"

7. If you are happy with the request, proceed by clicking on the “Confirm” button

Withdraw the funds

1. Once you have confirmed the Early Settlement of the transactions per above, the system will bring you back to the Withdrawal page, where the Unsettled Cash balance and the Withdrawable Funds balances will have been updated to reflect that the proceeds have been early settled and are now available to be withdrawn. 

2. Please note that the Available Funds balance will also have reduced by the Early Settlement fees charged based on the transactions you selected for Early Settlement

3. You can now proceed to make the withdrawal of the desired amount in the normal way, including the confirmation of your bank details.

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