SatrixNOW fund deposit by EFT

Depositing funds by EFT is one of 3 different methods offered on the SatrixNOW platform.

For details on the other deposit methods available (Credit card and SID instant EFT), as well as how you can access the Deposit page on the platform - please click on the link HERE

Once you've arrived at the 'Deposit funds page' please follow the steps below to complete your EFT deposit:

1. You will be greeted with the 3 payment options available with EFT selected as the default option

2. Directly beneath that, you will see a drop-down menu enabling you to select the name of the bank which you bank with (see image below), with ABSA the selected bank on arrival.

When depositing via EFT, your payment will only reflect in your SatrixNOW account once the funds appear in our bank account. Unfortunately, it's difficult to say how long that will be as it's outside of our control and funds can take up to 48 hours to reflect on our bank statement depending on your bank.

However, to do everything possible on our side to ensure that your deposit goes through as quickly as possible, SatrixNOW have accounts with all major banks (ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank and Investec).

To do your part in ensuring the speed and efficiency of the transfer, it is important that you make your EFT transfer into the SatrixNOW bank account that matches the bank where your account is

3. Click on the dropdown menu under the 'select one of our bank account' header

4. Once you've selected the correct bank account that matched the institution you bank with, you can utilise the Copy buttons to copy the details to your online bank when making a once-off payment or creating a beneficiary you might use in future.

It is particularly important to copy the 'Account Number' and 'EFT reference' fields correctly or there will likely be delays / issues with your deposit.


EFT transaction does NOT take place from the deposit page - while the deposit page provides you with the details of the bank account to which you need to make the EFT, the actual payment is NOT made from that page. You must go to your online banking platform and use the bank details on our deposit page to make the payment to your SatrixNOW account.


It is absolutely critical that you use the correct reference when making your EFT to ensure the funds are allocated to your SatrixNOW account without delay.

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