There are two ways to fund your accounts:  

Directly into each account separately   


By funding your SatrixNow account and then doing an inter-account transfer to your TFSA account;

Read more about funding your different accounts here.    


Whenever you make a deposit directly into a SatrixNow account, you’re going to need to use your SX EFT reference so that we can identify who you are in order to allocate your deposit. This is the SX-xxxxxx reference displayed on the deposits page of the respective account you want to fund.

Each account type that you have on the SatrixNow platform (Eg: SatrixNow or TFSA), has its own unique reference number.  

Here is how to find it:  

  1. Make sure you have the correct account selected. 
  2. Navigate to the top left hand stacked menu and select Deposits
  3. You’ll find your reference number under the heading EFT Reference 

To avoid transacting in the wrong account, we suggest always depositing funds into your SatrixNOW account and then moving them to your Tax-Free savings account using our Inter-account Transfers functionality.

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