Recurring Investments on SatrixNOW FAQs

What is a Recurring Investment (RI) on SatrixNOW?

A Recurring Investment is a simple method to regularly invest a chosen amount in a particular Satrix instrument, such as an ETF, on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. It streamlines the process of regularly investing funds without repetitive manual steps. RIs can be set either as a debit order from your bank or a deduction from your available funds. With a deduction from available funds, you would need to first ensure that a push instruction (stop order) is set up to push funds into your Satrix account on a recurring basis.

How do I set up a Recurring Investment on SatrixNOW?

You can set up a Recurring Investment in the following manner:

  • Clicking on Menu then selecting Recurring

  • Click 'Setup Recurring Investment' under either the ETF or unit trust section

  • The next page defaults to the “Access Range, however, you can select “ETFs” or “Unit Trusts” to find the instrument you want to invest in.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “recurring” and complete the rest of the required details on screen.

  • Remember to click the 'ADD TO RECURRING' button at the bottom of the confirmation screen.

How do I set up a Recurring Investment on a minor account on SatrixNOW?

This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. By setting up a recurring payment / stop order on your bank account - through your bank

    • You instruct your bank to transfer funds from your bank account to the SatrixNOW minor account at the regular intervals. This ensure funds are available in the account's Available Funds.

    • Log onto your childs account and follow the steps mentioned in the above method but select 'Deduct from Available Funds' as the payment method for a minor account.

    • Schedule the recurring investment based on available options.

    • Confirm and review the investment details before finalising.

  2. Debit Order

    If you are funding the account from your minor childs bank account, you can simply follow the steps described above after logging onto your childs account.

    If the debit order is coming from your bank account:

How do I edit or remove a Recurring Investment on SatrixNOW?

  1. Clicking on Menu then selecting recurring will take you to the RI page

  2. Navigate to 'Recurring' under 'My Investments.'

  3. Find the specific recurring investment and click on 'ACTIONS'

  4. For editing, choose 'Edit' and modify the investment details. For removal, select 'Remove' and confirm the cancellation.

  5. Debit orders allow automated regular transfers from your bank to your SatrixNOW account.

  6. If using a 3rd party debit order, complete the Debit Order Authority form and submit it to to set it up or make changes.

  7. If you change banking details, you will need to cancel and recapture your recurring investment.

How can a friend or family member set up a debit order into my SatrixNOW account?

  1. They can set up a stop order or a 3rd party debit order to fund your account regularly.

  2. Instructions for setting up a stop order or 3rd party debit order are provided in the above steps.

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