Buying on SatrixNOW FAQs 

How Do I Buy Units on SatrixNOW?

To purchase securities on SatrixNOW, you will first need to fund your account. Please refer to the Funding FAQs page.

What Price Will I Receive When I Buy SatrixNOW ETFs or Unit Trusts?

Prices displayed on SatrixNOW are typically delayed by 15 minutes or may represent the previous day’s closing price as quoted by the exchange. However, your trades will be executed at the live market price prevailing at the time of trade execution. The Execution Price, reflected in your trade confirmation invoice, may vary from the quoted price due to market movements, and we don't guarantee it will match or closely align with the quoted price.

Is it Possible to Access Live Prices on the SatrixNOW Platform?

You can view live prices on the SatrixNOW platform using SatrixCredits , which gives you a snapshot of the live price before buying or selling a security. SatrixCredits are available for purchase directly on the platform. Refer to our guide on SatrixCredits for more information.

Who Can Invest on the SatrixNOW Platform?

Three categories of investors can open a SatrixNOW account:

  1. Individuals: Legal adults who are South African residents or residents of the Common Monetary Area, including Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland.

  2. Minors: Persons under 18 years, not emancipated, with an account opened and managed by their parents or legal guardian.

  3. Corporate Bodies: Any juristic person, such as a company, trust, government entity, etc., with an account managed by an Authorised User.

For specific registration requirements, visit “Getting Started on SatrixNOW” or refer to our Terms and Conditions in the Crucial Documents section.

How Can I Invest in a Security on SatrixNOW?

When purchasing a security (an exchange traded fund or unit trust) you can invest according to the amount of money you specify or according to the number of shares you’d like to purchase. The platform will execute your investment based on the current market price or best available market price (depending on the option you have selected when buying an ETF or unit trust), potentially resulting in fractional ownership under a CFD transaction.

What Forms of Payment are Accepted on SatrixNOW for ETF or Unit Trust Purchases?

SatrixNOW accepts Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Credit Card for transactions.

Are There Limitations on the Number of Purchases I Can Make on SatrixNOW Each Day?

When buying ETFs or unit trusts on SatrixNOW you may see the "up to" amount on the purchase page. While there is no limitation if you do multiple trades on one instrument, however, there may be a limit on the total value of a trade or a specific security. If you encounter such limits, contacting the Trading Desk on 010 020 2223 during business hours can assist in surpassing these limitations.

What is a Buy Instruction on SatrixNOW, and How Can I Action One?

A buy instruction allows investors to set up purchases outside market hours. By selecting a financial instrument to invest in, specifying the investment amount, and confirming the instruction, SatrixNOW reserves the funds to execute the purchase when the market reopens.

What Happens if My Order is Still Pending?

If your order is still pending once the market has reopened, please log a support ticket and we will gladly assist in releasing the instruction.

How Can I Adjust Transaction Fee Settings on the Platform?

  1. Select the Account Preference option from the menu on the blue profile icon in the top-right of the page.

  2. Choose the desired option under the Transaction Fees section.

  3. To complete the action, click on the "Save" button at the bottom-right of the page.

This setting does not affect the debit order fee, which is added after normal fees.

Can I Place Trades on SatrixNOW via Telephone?

Yes, you can place trades through our Trading Desk by calling 010 020 2223. Please note that these 'Telephone Trades' will incur a charge of R50 per trade.

The trading desk will only assist with trade execution and does not provide trading advice. For detailed SatrixNOW cost information, refer to our cost profile.

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