Selling on SatrixNOW FAQs

What if I Want to Sell My Satrix Investment?

Selling your investments is an easy process on SatrixNOW. Log into your account, place and confirm your sell instruction, and after the settlement period (5 business days for ETFs, 2 business days for unit trusts) the funds will settle. You can then withdraw your cash hassle-free. Satrix securities are traded on the JSE, ensuring liquidity during normal trading hours.

How Do I Sell Instruments I Hold on SatrixNOW?

Selling your investments on SatrixNOW is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your portfolio or Account Overview.

  • Locate and select the investment you want to sell.

  • Click on Sell and confirm the amount or percentage of your holdings you wish to sell.

  • Review the summary and select Sell Now to confirm.

  • Upon successful completion, you'll receive a confirmation email and can view your invoice.

Please Note:

If you sell outside market hours, your transaction will be processed when the market reopens.

While these funds won't immediately be available for withdrawal, you can immediately invest the proceeds into other funds/instruments.

Also, funds from a sale will be available for withdrawal after a settlement period (5 business days for ETFs, 2 business days for unit trusts), unless the funds are under a lock-up period.

What Price Will I Receive When I Sell SatrixNOW ETFs?

Selling Satrix ETFs executes at the live market price, not necessarily displayed delayed or the previous day’s closing price. SatrixNOW offers live prices through SatrixCredits, allowing you to access real-time snapshots before transacting.

Why Can't I Sell My Entire SatrixNOW ETF Holdings?

There will not be a limitation if you do multiple transactions on one instrument, however, the system may limit the total value of trades or the maximum value for a particular security due to market conditions. If you wish to sell more than the system limit allows, contact our Trading Desk on 010 020 2223 during business hours for assistance.

What is Unsettled Cash on SatrixNOW?

Unsettled Cash refers to the funds from a sale that have not yet cleared during the settlement process. After selling an instrument, it takes up to 5 business days or 2 business days for unit trusts, for the cash proceeds to settle and become available for withdrawal, unless the funds are within a lock-up period.

Please remember, that weekends and public holidays are not considered business days in this settlement period.

What is a Lock-up Period?

A lock-up period is a period where clients are not able to access funds. This could be due to debit order lock-up or inter-account transfer lock-up which lasts for 40 business days from the date of the transaction.

How Can I Withdraw Settled Funds from My SatrixNOW Account?

After the settlement period (5 business days for ETFs or 2 business days for unit trusts), you can withdraw the settled funds from your SatrixNOW account to your personal bank account. Refer to our Withdrawals FAQs for detailed instructions on how to proceed with this process.

Can I Invest Unsettled Cash After a Sale?

Yes, even though the cash from a sale is unsettled, you can immediately reinvest these funds in other instruments or products available on the SatrixNOW platform.

Are There Limitations on Selling Securities?

Occasionally, Satrix may impose limits on the total value of trades executed or on a specific security. These limitations aim to ensure efficient trade execution. If you encounter such limitations and need to sell beyond the set value, reach out to our Trading Desk on 010 020 2223 for assistance.

How Do Market Hours Affect Selling?

Selling outside market hours results in a 'Market Order' where the price is determined by the market when it reopens. You cannot specify the selling price in such cases.

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