SatrixNOW fund deposit by SID instant EFT

Depositing funds by SID instant EFT is one of 3 different methods offered on the SatrixNOW platform.

For details on the other deposit methods available (EFT and Credit card), as well as how you can access the Deposit page on the platform - please click on the link HERE

Once you've arrived at the 'Deposit funds page' - accessible directly via THIS link - please follow the steps below to complete your SID instant EFT deposit

1. You will be greeted with the 3 payment options available with EFT selected as the default option (see the navy-blue highlighted tab with the number 1 beneath it in the image below):

2. In order to select the SID option of deposit, click on the SID tab (option 3 in image above)

3. Once the SID option has been selected, the rest of the page below it will change automatically to display a field in which to capture the amount you wish to transfer, together with details on the fees associated with the transaction and the 'Deposit into SatrixNOW' button below it.

PLEASE NOTE: The 1.5% of total value charge for the transaction, over and above the R1.60 flat fee. This may not seem a lot but adds up and is R150 per R10,000 paid in.

4. Clicking on the "Deposit into SatrixNOW" button just below the bottom-right of the cost table (as displayed in the image above), will redirect the client to the SID payment page, giving them the option to choose the bank they bank with - see image below


4. From there the client can use the username and password they would use to login to their online bank account, and then follow the simple instructions to complete the Instant SID deposit

PLEASE NOTE: Investec is unfortunately not catered for in this method of payment. 

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