When purchasing a security on the SatrixNOW platform, the 'ANY OTHER AMOUNT' option (see far right square in the image below) may at times display an "up to" Rand amount just below the input cell.

This is because the number of ETF shares an Investor can buy is subject to a maximum value.

SatrixNOW is an execution system rather than an order entry system. We are in effect an intermediary between our Investors and the exchange. As such, we have to ensure that when a client issues the purchase instruction on the platform, that we are then able to go to the market and execute that exact trade.

From time to time - though very infrequently - this affects the availability of certain instruments and SatrixNOW may need to limit the:

  • Total value of Trades that may be executed; 
  • Total value of Trades that may be executed in a given Security;

This does not however mean that you can't purchase more than the system set limit.

Should you experience a limit on a particular security and want to sell more of the security than the platform will allow, please contact our Trading Desk on 010 020 2223 between 09:05am - 16:40pm Monday to Friday (business days), stating that you are experiencing a system limitation and they will assist you to purchase the desired value.

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