It is important to note that the manner in which investments are made on SatrixNOW is fundamentally different to the way people have traditionally invested in ETFs on other online platforms.

This is because on SatrixNOW, rather than decide on a number of shares you wish to buy, you instead choose the amount of money you want to invest in the particular instrument you are buying, as explained in bullet point 1 below.

Clients can effectively buy a certain number of shares by following the example in bullet point 2 below, but as the price displayed to them on the site is a 15-minute delayed price, the number of shares they actually end up with after submitting their buy instruction may differ slightly from the number they wanted.

1. Investing a sum of money in a particular security. Here a client decides to spend R1 200 on a particular security:

  • If that security is trading at R500 per security at the time of purchase, the client will succeed in buying 2 (two) whole securities and will receive all of the benefits of owning those 2 whole securities
  • The client will now have a remaining balance of R200, which is not enough to buy another whole security
  • If the client wanted the remaining R200 invested in that same security, SatrixNOW will enter into a CFD transaction with the client and an effective 40% ( R200 is 40% of R500, the Security’s current price) of that particular security will become the underlying reference instrument to our CFD transaction
  • As a result, the client will have a contractual right under the CFD transaction to 40% of the income earned on the security, as well as to the changes in the value of the security, pro rated to 40%. We call this a Fractional Security
  • The client will not own the Fractional Security, nor will they own 40% of a Fractional Security, but they will have a contractual claim under the CFD transaction.

2. Buying a certain quantity of a particular security. Here a client decides to purchase a particular number of whole securities (eg: 200 whole securities):

  • If that security is trading at R20 per security at time of purchase, the client will have to pay an amount of R4 000 (200 x R20 = R4 000) to successfully purchase the 200 whole securities. 
  • Alternatively, to make absolutely certain that you buy the desired number of shares (rather than a Rand value), you can call the Trading Desk on +27 (0) 10 020 2223 between 09:05am - 16:40pm Monday to Friday (business days) and for a R50 charge, they can assist you to acquire the exact number of instruments you require.

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