How do I get my SatrixNOW tax certificate?

You can download your tax certificates directly from the 'Statements' page of the SatrixNOW platform by following the instructions below.

1. Logging in after clicking on this link - - will take you directly to the statements page of the site. 

2. If already logged in, click on the stack menu system (the 3 horizontal lines stacked on top of one another to the left of the Satrix Logo as highlighted in yellow in the image below) and then select the Statements option (see black arrow towards the bottom of that menu structure).

3. On the Statements page, you will see dropdown options available for both Tax Certificates and Monthly statements.

Click on the dropdown arrow for Tax Certificates (shown in the image below), which will open up the Tax Certificate area of the page.

4. Once opened, the Investor will be presented with the various tax statements available to them. By clicking on the specific account (either Investment or TFSA), they will be presented with the available statement pertaining to that account and a download button to download / view (dependent on the computer setup) the tax certificate as a .pdf format document.

In the image below, the Tax certificates area has been opened to show:

1. The 2020 IT3(B) available for the main SatrixNOW account,

2. The 2020 IT3(B) for Unit Trust holdings (these are detailed in a separate tax statement), and

3. The 2020 IT3(S) for the Tax Free Savings Account

The 2020 years statements are highlighted in yellow, with previous years statements available below them.


There will only be a Tax certificate available for download if you became a SatrixNOW client prior to the end of a particular tax year.

The tax year runs from 1 March to the end of February every year.

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