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How do I setup a Recurring investment for my Satrix Retirement Plan (RA)?

Making regular contributions to your Satrix Retirement Plan (RA) can be done in a few simple steps as explained below. 

You can either contribute to the cash portion (or Available Funds) of your RA account (and then invest the funds later) OR you can contribute directly to the Investment of your choice. Both options allow you to select between Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual recurring contributions.

  • Login to SatrixNOW and click on your Retirement Plan (RA account
  • Click “Invest Now” and select the fund you wish to purchase
  • Choose your Investment Amount and select “Recurring” 
  • You can choose your debit order frequency, debit order date, and annual increase percentage. 
  • Please note that you will need a verified bank account in order to set up a debit order – see here for more details. Alternately if a family member or friend wants to set up a debit order into your SatrixNOW account, see details here.

If you ever want to make changes to an existing Recurring Investment, you can simply navigate to the "My Recurring Investments" area from the top left menu and select “Edit” and follow the instructions.

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