A debit order is a 3rd party debit order when the bank account from which the funds are coming, doesn't belong to the SatrixNOW account holder. (Ie. the bank account belongs to a parent / spouse of the SatrixNOW account holder)

To find out, navigate to the Menu (top left hand corner of the screen) and select 'Recurring' - as shown in the image below


Doing so will take you to the Recurring Investments page of the website.

You will be able to identify a 3rd Party debit oder by the words "Third Party Debit Order" under the 'Payment Method' column as highlighted in the image below.

Because in this case the bank account doesn't belong to the SatrixNOW account holder, he / she cannot authorise a change to the debit order on the platform.

To cancel or change the details of the debit order, please send an email to helpme@satrixnow.co.za with subject header "Change to Third Party Debit Order" and specify the exact changes you would like to make and a client engagement agent will assist you in making them.

If by contrast, you have a blue ACTIONS button at the end of the row of recurring investment information, per the image below, then you can simply edit / cancel the debit order by clicking on that button. 

It's a simple process, but if you need helped, it's explained in detail in this FAQ article -How do i edit or remove a recurring investment?