How can a friend or family member setup a debit order into my SatrixNOW account?

Don't have your own SatrixNOW account, but want to contribute regularly to a friend or family member that does?

You can do so easily, by one of two means:

1. A Stop Order with a Recurring Investment out of available funds

This should definitely be the preference for a parent / guardian managing the account of a minor, who wants complete flexibility to edit / cancel the Recurring Investment at any time without the need to complete and send in a form to us.

Instructions on how to setup a Recurring Investment in this manner are detailed in these two FAQ articles:

a. Using a stop order to fund a SatrixNOW account, and

b. How do I setup a Recurring Investment?

2. A 3rd party debit order

This method should be the preference of a friend or family member that doesn't manage the minor account. (ie. Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent, God-mother etc) as he / she can setup the 3rd party debit order by form (per instructions below) and is unlikely to need the flexibility to edit / change it with the frequency to warrant.

However, the family member may want to consider pushing the funds to the minor account via stop order / frequent payment and then have the parent / guardian set up the Recurring Investment on the platform to operate from available funds a few days later.

If you prefer debit orders and the forms are not a hassle to send, please follow the instructions below.

All you need to do is send the items listed below to

Once they've received the items above, our client engagement team will process the request and either confirm the setup or request any additional information they might need.

And that's it. Thanks for your contribution to the wealth generation of your friend and family.

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