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A unit trust is a collective investment that enables you to pool your money with other investors  in the portfolio with a specific investment objective. The portfolio is managed by the appointed asset or investment manager in a manner to achieve its chosen investment objective. Unit Trusts provide investors exposure to portfolios over diverse asset classes and geographies. This includes a wide range of local and international shares or equities (companies listed on a stock exchange), bonds, property, money market instruments and their derivatives.  

The total value of the pool of invested money is split into equal portions called participatory interests of units (referred to as “units”). When you invest in unit trusts, you buy a share of the units of the total fund. The unit price (also known as the net asset value (NAV)) fluctuates daily as it is dependent on the market value of the instruments in which the pool of money is invested. The NAV price is calculated daily.  

Collective investments such as  unit trusts are accessible, flexible, well regulated and transparent  medium to long-term savings vehicles.

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