Should you want to invest in a particular ETF on SatrixNOW, until recently you were required to fund your account, wait for the funds to be allocated to your account, login to the platform, search for the particular instrument, indicate the amount of money you'd like to invest, confirm your transaction and then submit your instruction to buy or sell.

Now while that sounds difficult, we've actually ensured that it's pretty easy to do on the platform.

But, if you really like a particular instrument or product and want to invest in that item more regularly each time you have the funds available, repeating the process above over and over again in the same manner can be a bit of a chore

So we've developed our Recurring Investment functionality to take care of these regular / repetitive investments in one simple step.

So if for example you fancy the Satrix 40 ETF and want to ensure that you Invest the R500 you may have spare each month, you can simply set up a Recurring Investment to buy R500 worth of that ETF each Month / Quarter / Year.

It's as simple as that.

A detailed explanation of how to setup a Recurring Investment is detailed in this FAQ article.

To view costs associated with Recurring Investments, please consult our SatrixNOW Cost Profile.

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